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“This will not be a pure joke story, but all participants will benefit from it,” singer Klaus Baumgart of the successful duo “Klaus & Klaus” is sure. He was referring to the new attraction for the Ammerland spa town of Bad Zwischenahn. On April 6, 2003, with the inauguration of the newly designed hotel “Seehotel Fährhaus” directly on the Zwischenahner Meer, the new island “Welsum” was inaugurated as the eighth southernmost North Sea island. And “Seehotel Fährhaus” boss Hans-Georg Brinkmeyer had also already signed a “spa director” contract with Klaus Baumgart.
It all started in April 2001. On this evening, hotelier Hans-Georg Brinkmeyer told the seven East Frisian island spa directors in a relaxed atmosphere about his plan to lay a river around his hotel to create an island on the Zwischenahner Meer. The spa directors were enthusiastic about the idea, and that very evening a written agreement was drawn up for recognition as the eighth North Sea island. Shortly thereafter, thanks to an idea of hotelier’s wife Susanne Brinkmeyer, the appropriate name for the new island was found with “Welsum” in reference to the legendary Zwischenahner Wels. In addition, Brinkmeyer found his long-time friend Klaus Baumgart’s ears open when he asked him if he would like to take on the task of “spa director”.
After the extensive construction work started on October 7, 2002 – including the extension of the “Ammerland” hall, the “Anleger” beer hall, the restaurant and the foyer – the first working meeting of the spa directors on the future “Welsum” island took place on November 22, 2002. The construction project and the plans for the opening ceremony were presented once again in detail. In addition, Klaus Baumgart was unanimously elected “spa director of Welsum” by the seven North Sea island spa directors. In the employment contract subsequently concluded with Hans-Georg Brinkmeyer, Baumgart assured the free representation of “Welsum” as well as the promotional advocacy for all North Sea islands.
A grandiose inauguration ceremony on April 6, 2003 will always be remembered by many a guest. Spa director Klaus Baumgart was specially flown in by seaplane on the Zwischenahner Meer. By the way, this was the first time in 60 years that a seaplane was allowed to land on the sea again.
The presenters Ilona Schulz-Baumgart and Harry Wijnvoord led through a unique program with many artists. Thus the cure directors with Klaus & Klaus appeared as cure directors choir and sang together naturally the cult hit ” to the North Sea coast…. “. Television stations, radio stations and the press reported in high praise about the newly created island of Welsum with spa director Klaus Baumgart.
As gifts, the spa directors of the 7 East Frisian Islands each brought a beach chair. These are now an attraction on the large south terrace of the hotel. Even a lighthouse flashes in the evening on the island.
Thus also after the inauguration ceremonies Borkums cure director Johannes Cassens in its capacity as speaker of the cure directors community expressed itself highly contently with the agreement. “Out of a beer whim, an action has arisen that I think should not be taken so beer-seriously, but which also brings advertising effects for all involved that should not be underestimated,” he judged.
Meanwhile, Hans-Georg Brinkmeyer is delighted with the excellent response to his idea. “The fact that there is cooperation here with the seven East Frisian islands is undoubtedly a stroke of luck for Bad Zwischenahn.
This will make our spa even better known than it already is,” he is sure. And the fact that he was able to win Klaus Baumgart as “spa director” is another stroke of luck for him: “He knows how to sell himself in all media.”
Today, Klaus Baumgart still acts as the spa director of Welsum Island. During his stays at the Seehotel Fährhaus, he personally greets his guests and has filmed many a television program on Welsum.


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